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The Bonn Radioisotope Separator and Implanter - togehter with the Bonn Isochronous Cyclotron - at the Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik is an instrument of central importance for nuclear physics and solid state physics.

Several research groups in Bonn (Prof. M. Forker, Prof. C. Günther, Prof. P. Herzog, Prof. J. Hormes/Physikalisches Institut, Prof. K.-H. Speidel, PD Dr. R. Vianden) and a great number of worldwide collaborations use the unique opportunity to produce and to implant mass separated isotopes into specially prepared samples at implantation energies between 1 and 160 keV.

The main application fields are

 Separation and implantation of radioactive isotopes for

 Separation and implantation of stable isotopes for


Special features are

 Universality: the availability of primary radioisotopes of almost all chemical elements

 FOLBIS: Fridge on line the Bonn isotope separator (Prof. P. Herzog)

The separator team:


Isotopenseparator Bonn

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